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a New York City based costume designer, illustrator, painter, and educator working in theater, dance, opera, and film. 


I approach costume design as an empathetic practice in search of understanding the nuanced intentions of my collaborators: characters, text, music, creative team, and space. I was raised in the theater as a dancer, and inherently focus on the vocabulary of movement to tell a story. 

I hold teaching as an integral role in my artistic development; in teaching the roots of the process I rediscover them for myself. I’m currently an Adjunct Assistant Professor at Northwestern University, and have held positions at Ithaca College and Boston University. 



I received the 2017 Michael Merritt Academic Award for Collaborative Design for Northwestern University, hold an M.F.A. in Stage Design from Northwestern University, and dual B.A. degrees in Dance and Art History from the University of Texas at Austin. 

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Member: United Scenic Artists Local 829

Photo: Ella Pennington

Amanda Gladu
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