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Primary Stages, 59 E 59

“Smartly — because Park is very smart — the play is content to absorb the themes of “Macbeth” without providing corollaries for each of its plot points. There’s no Birnam Wood here, no spots to out. Macbeth’s bestie, Banquo, is now BF (Anthony Cason), M’s barely there boyfriend. Instead of the three witches and Hecate, there’s only a single classmate known as Dirty Girl (Marié Botha, delightful), costumed by Amanda Gladu in a witchy black 

trench coat.”


- Alexis Soloski, The New York Times

October, 2022



Director: Margot Bordelon

Scenic Design: Krit Robinson

Costume Design: Amanda Gladu

Lighting Design: Mextly Couzin

Sound Design: Palmer Hefferan

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